• Can I cancel my order after delivery?

    Orders can not be cancelled after delivery. Please make sure if you want the item before your buy.

  • Why not power on the unit?

    1>Please check whether the power cable connected well or not: ACC and BATT to Anode, GND to cathode or Ground. 2>whether you find the correct power-on button. 3>please check whether the fuse of power cable melt or not. 4>please disconnect it from the car then reconnect it, or try to connect this unit with the other Car Battery (DC 12V). 5>press RESET button on the panel .

  • No Sound

    1>please check whether you have cut down the volume to a low level.  2>please check whether you have turned on the MUTE button. 3>try to change the mode (such as FM, TV, DVD, USB, SD, GPS). 4>please cut off all the connections and reconnect it again, then reset this unit. 5>try to output audio to the other unit through RCA outputs and check whether the sound will work fine or not  

  • How to link Bluetooth between unit and my phone?

    please use your phone to search the Bluetooth device, when you find the device CAR KIT, please enter the password 0000, then it will show “link ok” or else on the screen, after that you can use it to make phone calls or listen music. Please attention: for some unit, you should switch the unit to the Bluetooth mode and press “pair” button on the screen firstly, it will show “waiting for pairing” on the screen, then you can use your phone to search this CAR KIT device.

  • Can the TV work in my country?

    The broadcasting of this item is available for either PAL or NTSC. So it depends on which video format is in your country.

  • Where does my product shipped from?

    At the moment, buyer can choose shipping from our UK Warehouse or HK Warehouse, For UK and Europe buyers,it is better to buy from our UK Warehouse to avoid much customs tax and VAT

  • Why I can not watch DVB-T Program?

    Please make sure if you have the correct DVB-T DVD Player in your hand, there are two kinds of DVB-T system, one is MPEG-2 DVBT and the other is MPEG-4 DVBT, in most countries, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 DVB-T both work ok, but for these countries, just MPEG4- DVBT works: Australia/Cyprus/Estonia/Greece/Hungary/Ireland/Norway/Poland/Portugal/Slovenia/India/Israel

  • Why the digital TV antenna can not be inserted to my unit?

    For this,it must be that your unit is a analog TV one, so the digital TV antenna can not be inserted, as analog TV system just supports analog TV antenna, the port is not the same,some buyers just think to buy a digital TV antenna then can watch digital TV program in analog TV system, this is impossible

  • Why ES796V/ES738D no DVB-T TV Signal?

    If so please connect the pink brake wire to you car power' negative,then all ok.

  • Can not load and read a disc?

    1>please check whether there is a disc inside the unit. 2>make sure you have taken off the two screws on the shell. 3>please check if Disc is scratched, try with a new disc. 4>Press the RESET Button or re-connect the power cable.

  • No picture or a warning on the screen when playing video?

    While driving, the TFT monitor will display “WARNING PLEASE DO NOT WATCH VIDEO PLAYER”, in order to ensure the safety. However, if you want to watch video during driving, it is necessary to connect the pink “BRAKE CONTROL” wire to the power negative pole or directly to the Ground.

  • If the Unit fit my Car?

    Just check the dimensions of our unit and also your car', also you need to check all the harness,if you still can not confirm this, you can contact our onilne customer service or your local special technician.

  • Remote controller has no reaction?

    1>As Customs and Shipping Company’ Problem we can not load any Battery in remote controller, please find a battery and install it by yourself, also please take off the thin film between the battery and holder firstly before you use it. 2>you can check whether this remote controller can send IR-Signal or not, you can do this as following: you can find a camera or a cell phone (the cell phone must have camera function) to test, if you can find the IR-Signal through the camera lens, it is means that the remote controller has no problem.

  • Can I send the item back if I am unsatisfied with it?

    We only offer return service for those items which are inner defective or wrong. Before your purchase, please refer to all the details in our advertisement.

  • There is noise

    1>please check whether this speaker cable has been brought to contact with the power cable or not. 2>please note, the negative pole of the unit should be connected with the negative pole of the car engine. 3>please reconnect the power cable and reset this unit.

  • Can not slide up/down the front panel?

    It must be locked in somewhere, please power off this unit and push the top and pull the bottom on this front panel, then you can slide the front panel up and down manually, repeat several times. Then power on this unit, press up/down button, the front panel will slide up/down automatically.

  • How long does it take until I receive the package?

    We will arrange the shipment within 2 business days after payment confirmation.  Once your item is sent, an email with tracking number will be sending to you as well.  Some item will be sent by express, it usually takes 3-5 workdays for delivery process.  Some other will be sent by registered mail, then it will take about two weeks for shipment.

  • How to setting path of GPS maps?

    we have setted the path of GPS maps before sending. You can use GPS function directly. But if you want change GPS maps or SD Card, you should setting the path as following: click the setting icon in GPS mode, in the setting menu click “Navigate setting”, it will show file folder icon. Enter this folder and find this file “IGO8. exe”, choose this file and click “OK” button, then you can return to the main menu of GPS and navigate! For some unit, you can find the GPS-setting menu under the setting menu.

  • Why I can not power the PAD on?

    For this problem, please make sure if the PAD has enough power,just try to charge it with both home charger and in the main unit after some time ,if still not working, just contact us, till now we have received some these returned PAD,but after charging, no problem at all.